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1176 Limekiln Pike, Ambler, PA 19002
1/2 Mile North of 463
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Outing Info

Any group of 16 or more golfers may have a prearranged golf outing, at a reduced rate, set up by the Limekiln Golf Club. The following procedure has been set up to make organizing the outing as simple as possible.

  1. Pick a date and call or E-Mail the Limekiln Golf Shop (215-643-0643) to confirm the dates availability.
  2. You will receive in the mail from Limekiln an outing agreement. This agreement needs to be filled out in total, then returned to the Limekiln Golf Shop. A $100.00 deposit must accompany the agreement in order to reserve your outing's date and time.
  3. Upon receipt of the agreement and $100.00 deposit, starting times will be reserved for your group on the designated date and time. The tentative number of golfers you designate on the agreement will be used to set up the starting times. A Starting Sheet will be sent to be filled out and given to our starter the day of the outing.
  4. One week before your outing, you must call and confirm the number of players with our Golf Shop. Since setting up starting times for your group means denying anyone else those times, you must commit to the number of golfers you give us. We will work with you in the days before the outing, making small changes if necessary, but if your final total falls significantly short of the starting times allotted for your group, a deduction may be made from your $100.00 deposit to cover our losses.
  5. Following the successful completion of your outing, the $100.00 deposit will be deducted from your bill, or returned to the person from which it was received.
  6. A copy of the Limekiln Golf Club Rules will also accompany the outing agreement. It is the duty of the outing organizer to make sure everyone in the group knows the rules. Remember, your group is only a part of several hundred other golfers all trying to enjoy themselves. Proper golf attire, proper golf etiquette, and a conscientious effort to keep your game moving at a reasonable pace is expected of all members in your outing. Also, bringing your own alcoholic beverages to drink on the course or in the parking lot is not permitted. It is not only against our rules, but it is against state law. Beer Coolers from home will not be allowed to be taken onto the golf course. Buying a beer at our own Bar and Grill to enjoy while you play is fine, but excessive drinking or violation of our rules will not be tolerated.



Outings may reserve starting times between 7AM and 12:30PM during the week. Groups cannot tee off after 12:30PM because they will run into our golf leagues which begin teeing off at 3:30 PM. A Weekday morning shotgun for outings of 60 or more is available on a limited basis.



Outings may reserve starting times between 11:30AM and 1:15PM. Groups cannot tee off before 11:30AM because our regular players have reserved starting times in the morning. Because of our 27-hole course, we can accommodate up to 200 golfers between 11:30AM and 1:15PM. Shotgun starts are not available on weekends.



Limekiln Golf Club's Bar and Grill

Limekiln Golf Club's Bar and Grill can complete your outing with food and beverage service. We will set aside tables for your group after golfing is completed. You may order from our Bar and Grill menu, which includes hot dogs, burgers, steaks, etc., or you may opt for a catered buffet.

The buffet is set up in a corner of the Bar and Grill area, and can be ready whenever you request. Catered buffets also receive a discount off the price of a pitcher of beer.

A 2019 Golf Outing Food Buffet Selection Sheet and Food Agreement is available here.